Sound solutions

It took me a really long time to get motivated enough to actually put paint of paper for these. I was not at all excited about this assignment, but it did turn out less disastrous than I had imagined.

Everyone had positive comments at critique except for the clock solution which, was absolutely my least favorite one so I was not surprised.

Happy summer!

I will be moving back tony other blog for from now until forever, so if you would like to continue to follow me, I will be at I hope to see you guys posting artwork still, because you are all so wonderful,and it is fun to talk about and hear about our work.




ABC 123 book progress!

I am so proud of my book! I made one during studio time but had to take it apart and reassemble it at home because it had a few mistakes.

I took these photos to show a friend, but I figured you all would appreciate a progress update! Also, I decorated the cover with old paint chips from our past assignments.

What do y’all think? I’m more psyched on the book than its contents! Haha 🙂





photography and illustration!

Hey guys! Today Ms. Paula and I were discussing a conversation I had last night with my dearest of friend Lexi Mire and Ryan Jay digital art and how artists are using it more and more these days… And really I was just chatting away because I was so excited that I knocked down a brick wall I had built in my brain keeping computers far, far away. What I want to tell you all is that I avoided digital media and applying it for a long time because I was completely overwhelmed by the amount of information and felt really discouraged. What I came to realize though is that I was being close-minded and fearing failure…But growing is all about failing, right? And, I am constantly trying to step outside of my comfort zone to become a better artist throughout many media and practices, so I should do this, right?
With ALL of that caffeine induced rambling out of the way, check this out!

It is a collaboration between a fashion photographer and an illustrator which an instagram friend of mine posted a couple of days ago, and I was totally swooning over :)! Enjoy!

They call themselves Bryjin


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From my personal blog 🙂

Jordyn Avalee

Spring Break is over, I am happy about that fact, I felt that it was too long. I also prefer to be away from home, not that I do not love home, I just love to be away. Also, it was quite difficult for me to update so, my blog has been a bore.
I learned something over break. I learned that I work best without a plan. I pressured myself with plans for projects and I kept pushing them to this golden week and when it came I felt myself avoiding these projects. With that came a bit of disappointment, but I took something away from it, and will work differently in the future. This was not at all planned, and I did it in a few hours, but I think it is one of the coolest things I have ever done. It is ink wash all over bristol…

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